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Q: What is a brand?

A: A brand is a gut feeling a consumer has about a product, service, or company.

Q: What is brand strategy?

A: Brand strategy defines what makes your brand special, what sets it apart from the competition, and how your customer perceives it.

Q: How do you find the heart of your brand?

A: The heart of your brand should revolve around your: purpose, mission, vision, and values.

Q: why should you care about brand strategy?

A: If the right people aren't seeing your product you wont be successful. If you don't know how to appeal to your ideal customer you won't be successful. If you don't know what makes you special and different then you definitely won't be successful.

Q: What is visual identity?

A: Visual identity is everything a consumer sees and experiences in relation to your brand. Such as: logos, colors and typography, social media, websites, product packaging, merchandise, or photography.

Q: Why do you need brand strategy AND visual identity?

A: Strategy without identity means you’ll end up with great words and direction but zero creativity. Identity without strategy means you’ll end up looking great but you’ll be marketing without any direction. Putting strategy and identity together gives you a creative voice that will be heard by the right consumers.

Q: What is the most common misconception about brand strategy?

A: The most common misconception about brand strategy is that if your product is good enough then it will sell itself. The reality is that even the best product could still get lost in todays busy market. This makes brand strategy even more important. And again with strategy you are most likely to hit your target.
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